Explosives in the desert

To be ever found, in lost and found
To be ever left, in the middle of theft
Is this your loyalty, your award for each crime?
Maybe it means birds in flocks can finally dump their waste over our roof.

Something doesn’t feel right, this fear, mending veins that trespass each other
Nothing counts as two anymore, its one that takes and the other that dries up like raisins exposed in the sun

Bingo, chess mate, tag- you’re it.
Let me confess to you something I once did!
They asked me who’d I take to a walk down the woods

I said I wouldn’t even go with myself

I’m not here, I’m not me, I’m hollow

And this camouflage works like a work of art

Something here, something there

Made me repel from the drunken beast I had transformed into

Jackassery has no limits!
And its true, you become what you hate
So here I am
A duplicate, walking the walk, talking the talk
A witness of a wall
Built to cage us in
Break it down!
I surrender,
Sometimes a wall is just a wall
We are never who we were a moment ago, shouldn’t be

We run into constellations rotating our way
Burdens lifted
And off we went
I to the left, you, the right
Maybe we forgot what it felt(like)
To have been dealt
With, like wax models in scorching heat
Melting, deforming

Maybe, maybe we’re fading out of our own pages
Spaces between each word growing larger, slowly expanding our little infinity
Till your voice is nothing but the smell of a rose left in between diaries, centuries old.

And this is how two became one and then millions


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This right here, keeps me sane. You will find here, sincere thoughts mixed up with a subconscious trying to fuck it all up. I hope you understand.

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