Upside down

Surrounded by all fours
To the mystery of howling wolves
See, I have a thing
For beings that aren’t afraid to mourn
Over mourning days
That mourn for a moon spread like sand by a million stars
What a cycle of
Beasts letting it all out
To forget why they scream
And only live by
All that’s kept within

So much beauty
Covered with filth
So much filth
Dusted, cleaned, polished!
What would it be like
To walk on clouds
And stare at our homes and people
As if they were street lights
Am I the only one that will cringe
At the thought of
Rain pouring from their eyes
And the rays of light to only(not)dim by subtle joy
What if our own bricks fall on our heads,
will we be reminded of our works?
What if the tallest buildings
Poke at the fog we walk through?
And pierce throats,
slitting animals in half
And us, in three quarters

Gardens that we reaped will regretfully
smile back, thankful, confused
And us, right back.
Only then, will the well full of wishes
Finally grant us the wishes we didn’t ask for
Worth going mad for

Have you ever been still, near a storm?
It licks the fake off, of every street
Bulldozing all the creeps
So it’s only you,
with the chaos that’s meant to be
Fastened to your waist
By anacondas that call themselves snakes
For their tongue was one
But spoke in lisps
It had two shades to it

Succumbing, diving deep
Like leech
And staying delusional
With one eye dreaming
The other closed
One ear listening
With the other in between ‘amor’

But I don’t know, who am I to talk. All I do is lean on walls, turn my head and look at the world upside down. What was I saying again? I need to type this down.


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Hi. Now that you're here...let's just get this out of the way. I hadn't introduced myself in the past because when I first started this blog, I wanted it to be purely about my writing. This is not, and was never supposed to be, an anonymous blog. However, after almost a year of inactivity, I realize an 'about' section is...necessary? My name's Sadia. I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. Between uni/work/life in general, I try to take time to write. I own all content on this blog. Although, I do NOT own the images posted here, nor do I take credit for them whatsoever. I wanted to thank my visitors, for still being loyal and genuine after this long. In case you want to know more about me for whatever inexplicable reason, ask ahead and I'll get back to you! This right here, keeps me sane. You will find here, sincere thoughts mixed up with a subconscious trying to fuck it all up. I hope you understand. Love, Sadia.

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