A long way to go

How dreadful to want to be a human, other than a

soul having a human experience

Taking each day with its stay

As a hopeless return to innocence gone astray

Guidance can never pull a thread

Without breaking another

And this guarantees the ill-will

Of seeking the most wretched clay

Trying to mould yourself a new way

A new sculpture

To bow to

And find shade

Until  rain melts it to its fate

Friction on stones, creates fire

Much more than hands rubbing,

Hitch-hiking, for the same warmth

Inducing the same amount of need, effort and greed

a buyer can decipher to you

On a scale

There is a school to every thought

Just like a stop to every bus, and route to every train

Passing by as if,

there was room enough for entire cities

but enslaved only the naive, only the capable, only the willing

to change

Could you speak to me the vows you make

when your eyes meet flesh, and flesh averts to bone,

Bone decays with ligaments

trying to control what they can’t: movement

And this is how paralysis of the mind grows

Leaving restless, the doubts of the unknown

And then you go to sleep, but how long have you really been awake?

It’s like diving into a pool of jelly, and bouncing back hysterical..


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Hi. Now that you're here...let's just get this out of the way. I hadn't introduced myself in the past because when I first started this blog, I wanted it to be purely about my writing. This is not, and was never supposed to be, an anonymous blog. However, after almost a year of inactivity, I realize an 'about' section is...necessary? My name's Sadia. I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. Between uni/work/life in general, I try to take time to write. I own all content on this blog. Although, I do NOT own the images posted here, nor do I take credit for them whatsoever. I wanted to thank my visitors, for still being loyal and genuine after this long. In case you want to know more about me for whatever inexplicable reason, ask ahead and I'll get back to you! This right here, keeps me sane. You will find here, sincere thoughts mixed up with a subconscious trying to fuck it all up. I hope you understand. Love, Sadia.

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