Diverted attention

Chasing feathers
Around a halo
Like tender furr
A soft job
Because I mean
What else can you say
When a dart board
Hid magnets around its double and triple rings
Making you
By default

If you ever
Just ever
Listened to what you heard
When your attention was elsewhere
You’d know
Just how wrong
Your own capacity to understand was

The work of a slave
Basic human rights
A silent clocktower
Only screaming to the mutes

There is fault found in the same mud
We swum in when we slithered
Past the pure and past the river
I saw land and sky in
But my own self


Paint me

Just as you and I, were indecisive about Piggy from Lord of the flies

Whether or not, savages exist or could have

Decorum of funerals; morality, mortality, depravity

Mingling with each other

The way a totalitarian system should’ve worked

The fruit I could not reach; the conch ceasing to exist

“Maybe if there is a beast… maybe it’s only us”

Weeping for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart

The fragments of the wheres and whens

Shove me in a ground zero from which all this bias radiates