Paint me

Just as you and I, were indecisive about Piggy from Lord of the flies

Whether or not, savages exist or could have

Decorum of funerals; morality, mortality, depravity

Mingling with each other

The way a totalitarian system should’ve worked

The fruit I could not reach; the conch ceasing to exist

“Maybe if there is a beast… maybe it’s only us”

Weeping for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart

The fragments of the wheres and whens

Shove me in a ground zero from which all this bias radiates




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This right here, keeps me sane. You will find here, sincere thoughts mixed up with a subconscious trying to fuck it all up. I hope you understand.

5 thoughts on “Paint me”

  1. This was a very moving peom and so thought provoking. So many emotions were wrapped up in this verse: Sorrow, anguish, hope, longing, disappointment, bewilderment. Humanity is in a shambles but do we have the courage to find our way out?

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