Upside down

Surrounded by all fours
To the mystery of howling wolves
See, I have a thing
For beings that aren’t afraid to mourn
Over mourning days
That mourn for a moon spread like sand by a million stars
What a cycle of
Beasts letting it all out
To forget why they scream
And only live by
All that’s kept within

So much beauty
Covered with filth
So much filth
Dusted, cleaned, polished!
What would it be like
To walk on clouds
And stare at our homes and people
As if they were street lights
Am I the only one that will cringe
At the thought of
Rain pouring from their eyes
And the rays of light to only(not)dim by subtle joy
What if our own bricks fall on our heads,
will we be reminded of our works?
What if the tallest buildings
Poke at the fog we walk through?
And pierce throats,
slitting animals in half
And us, in three quarters

Gardens that we reaped will regretfully
smile back, thankful, confused
And us, right back.
Only then, will the well full of wishes
Finally grant us the wishes we didn’t ask for
Worth going mad for

Have you ever been still, near a storm?
It licks the fake off, of every street
Bulldozing all the creeps
So it’s only you,
with the chaos that’s meant to be
Fastened to your waist
By anacondas that call themselves snakes
For their tongue was one
But spoke in lisps
It had two shades to it

Succumbing, diving deep
Like leech
And staying delusional
With one eye dreaming
The other closed
One ear listening
With the other in between ‘amor’

But I don’t know, who am I to talk. All I do is lean on walls, turn my head and look at the world upside down. What was I saying again? I need to type this down.



My hands. Five fingers,

yet not enough to comb a lion’s mane when it roars.

Guilty for stripping a rose naked of its chores

of making perfume

in the disgust that we sow

Not enough to get a firm grip on leaves that

crumble when autumn howls.

Not enough to tap my fears on a piano, that speaks for me.

I didn’t even have the courage

to move them.

I didn’t even let it sing for me.

Too late to plunge in to a tornado and fight to let the current spit me out,

or let it spin and spin

till it mournfully wins, for letting me be

by not letting me be

Inside me somewhere like a plane that took off earlier than its time, but

thanked the Lord for this unintentional pride.

The storms were sweeping by. We can hear them cry, for their misery is their own now. Got to go our own way, passengers, got to leave. Got to stay gone.

What if we keep all the wrappers, of all the chocolates we’ve ever eaten?

Instead of tossing them away, letting them roll

till they’re shut into another cycle, another break.

They’re stepped on, ripped, maybe even chewed by an animal that

forgot its awaiting fate.

Isn’t that what we do to people?

Suck the sweetness, fill the hunger,

on to the next one my friend. Our stomachs won’t be full for long.

Silly little thing, he saw the front but didn’t use his peripheral view.

The line was three-dimensional, and he was surrounded on all fours.

One moment here, and another he was gone. ‘I followed the wrong way’.

It’s like I’m reeling in to pure chaos, and I love it.

A decimal to a number I can count as one.

I’m infinity molded into one. I feel nothing, and this nothingness means the world to me.

You were caught off guard, this time by your own goosebumps.

Hold on.

No recipe to this

Can you tell me what it feels like,
Up in the air,
Where no bird kills another to live
Where no eagle gives up on his own will

How many times, do we flee to catch a drill
Just because we feel pain doesn’t make it right
To suck happiness out of a balloon
We inflated with our own lungs

How sensible of us, to try and figure eachother out
We don’t even know what to eat, how can we even breed
And then send our wisdoms down a line
Endless hope, hopeless reliance on the sun
To shine
And our eyes to stop flooding
And drown a million flies
Running in circles

What did you do, to deserve this
Can the world survive your bitterness
And like the pale fire amidst a winter night
Feel warm and induce comfort on the ones exposed to it

Look into your soul
And distance yourself from the world
Wear your weakness like armour
There’s no damage you can do that hasn’t already been done

The best thing you could do for yourself, is leave yourself

And find your calm by the millions that live in you

How much can you keep in you anyways?

It’s like hearing a nightingale sing with stuffed ears


The best thing you could do for yourself, is leave yourself

And find your calm by the millions that live in you

How much can you keep in you anyways?

It’s like hearing a nightingale sing with stuffed ears


It’s like telling someone to make trees out of paper

Or telling fire to light up the matchstick in your hands

Be wary of a sweet soul offering you sugar

It must have been real messed up

To mix with the vinegar in your diet

Or the oil that leaves you dry

I guess you both risked the upset stomach

Only to relive again after tasting the perfect recipe

There is no recipe

Fleeing from civilization

Is just another developed version of wildlife
See, some people fit in
Like chimpanzees in a cage
And lions are the kings, who inherit a throne, by doing nothing
They don’t even hunt, it’s the lioness that keeps a family whole
I guess they just breed, and mark their territory
And roar at anyone who claims to walk their shadow

We have the fragile, we have the cunning
And we shoot the threats, to become a threat ourselves
How else would anyone take us seriously?
We need to mark our power

We want to preserve, habitats
We can’t even preserve our own
How easy do we scare
How easy it is to play
A game in which it’s us against ourselves
Terrified of going forth our own shells

Our imaginations run wild, we create
We break and mold
And mold and break
To form the perfect phrase
To use at the climax of a speech
To be heard through deaf ears
That’ll nod, cheer and clap
For everything they didn’t hear!

Then we have the rare species
Anyone ever sees
Anyone ever notices
They manage to live off
Of other people’s traces
That’s real genius, to crawl without even having to touch the floor
These did not belong, neither did/do they have to
They have a world of their own
I’d rather be among the weird
The queer
The sick, and demented
Than to torment another soul
Only for not doing as it’s told!

Pity the fool: make the giraffe prosper,

Marvel at what grows inside it, exquisite

As a straw too metres high
Dipped in juice two inches long
But I guess, it finally comes to terms
With the image its been given
Most of the time, its vision blurrs by clouds that think they’re pure
It can crush, anyone it wants to
It doesn’t
That’s not what they were made for
Their lives have a higher purpose
What would you know?
All you do is spit at frogs and think you’re prince charming!

Explosives in the desert

To be ever found, in lost and found
To be ever left, in the middle of theft
Is this your loyalty, your award for each crime?
Maybe it means birds in flocks can finally dump their waste over our roof.

Something doesn’t feel right, this fear, mending veins that trespass each other
Nothing counts as two anymore, its one that takes and the other that dries up like raisins exposed in the sun

Bingo, chess mate, tag- you’re it.
Let me confess to you something I once did!
They asked me who’d I take to a walk down the woods

I said I wouldn’t even go with myself

I’m not here, I’m not me, I’m hollow

And this camouflage works like a work of art

Something here, something there

Made me repel from the drunken beast I had transformed into

Jackassery has no limits!
And its true, you become what you hate
So here I am
A duplicate, walking the walk, talking the talk
A witness of a wall
Built to cage us in
Break it down!
I surrender,
Sometimes a wall is just a wall
We are never who we were a moment ago, shouldn’t be

We run into constellations rotating our way
Burdens lifted
And off we went
I to the left, you, the right
Maybe we forgot what it felt(like)
To have been dealt
With, like wax models in scorching heat
Melting, deforming

Maybe, maybe we’re fading out of our own pages
Spaces between each word growing larger, slowly expanding our little infinity
Till your voice is nothing but the smell of a rose left in between diaries, centuries old.

And this is how two became one and then millions