Nature’s cruelty

Time plays tricks on the mind and soul
Tired of all this itching, claiming to be pure
Maybe the den can call out on all its wolves
And let the full moon mourn over the calls

of all these midnight storms

Idols want to be normal
Maybe fame wants to disappear

I wish the world was gray, but even then,

the ‘gray’ would be grayer even without colour

superior than some, darker than the sun,

lighter than from where we had once begun.

And the rest were easy come, easy go

Dust blew itself away
From books that were read but never understood
And nature collapsed on the floor, into the dirt, beneath its own roots
Asked itself if it was ready to diffuse, away from this abuse

Hunger can never kill appetite
Shame, for you were the fly going after leftovers!
The rest splashed onto oceans like cannonballs, while you only got the spits, the drops

Let’s hear the train of thoughts that went by uninvited,
Tempting the side blood brothers feared to taint

A walking contradiction
A mysterious reason to slow down, to settle down
Why settle down? When discomfort is the sweetest home
Let them be, the crazies, where will they flee?
Prejudice never stood a chance

Couldn’t resist to stare at an owl,

All this time you only wondered as to why it stared at you.

Then later, laughed at yourself when it pissed on your shoulder,

‘Man, nature’s cruel.’

And then you acknowledged the fact that

everything and everyone carried dirty little secrets…

You started wishing to swim in the mud and come out clean
To blindly remove a blindfold and suck the life out of a rabbit hole
To knock on tree trunks for ants to emerge to the surface, 
Then call an anteater to fix the ugly.


Went away with dawn

Pieces of a puzzle
Form a newer picture
One I hadn’t known
By any mismatched chaos of my own

Sprinkled over ice-cream
Dentists leaving the plaque
Pulling out flawless teeth
Wisdom to stay

Together as separate beings
One about to snap
The other wanting to get hurt
For the pain let out a beast
Too great to feel weak

And the coconut can’t seem to fall
On our heads
Even on earthquakes
Beaches deemed mad?

What a travesty
To live like living is done
For one small move and its gone
Extremism too risky a truce

Naive lives
Clever, chameleons covered with themselves
Watching over, in 360 degree angles
Their fear, a camouflage
Their danger, joy or thirst,
The same

Victimizing the victims,

pitying the fools,

to make the weak weaker.

It’s like catcalling a bull towards

the centered red, bloodshed of your words

Zoned out, for when it was your turn
When you break someone, you break your own
Heart? Or bone
Fractures, or decaying ligaments

Between our sighs
In twilight
An owl speaks our secrets
And watches over pride

And the stars that wouldn’t let us see
The darkness beyond the nearest heaven
Dimmed and went to sleep
And we called that supernatural

Humans, predictable
Gravity to feel responsible
Although birds will flap their feathers at your face
And your feet will feel prejudice
Over the mud, after the rain
It didn’t wash away your guilt
Neither did it conquer
That edifice about to fall
Yet you look past the thrill
And get another glass of milk,

You were no whiskey material

And the sweets you keep in your pockets
For when acidity burns your chest
They only work as ekstasis
Itching substituted by tickles
What a mockery
Fools, geniuses, no-names, somebody’s, and then

the detached, solos.

Before you even get flashbacks of the cruelty you spread,

Your stuck parachute now opens, no-default

Your feet tiptoe in sand safe and sound
Your certainty, laid out in your palms
You believe now
You were just floating in doubt in mid air
But you’re a believer now

So predictable
What a waste
And yet, God loves you
He knew it all along
But gave you enough to plunge out

of your own misery by dawn.
Of your own misery by dawn.