A long way to go

How dreadful to want to be a human, other than a

soul having a human experience

Taking each day with its stay

As a hopeless return to innocence gone astray

Guidance can never pull a thread

Without breaking another

And this guarantees the ill-will

Of seeking the most wretched clay

Trying to mould yourself a new way

A new sculpture

To bow to

And find shade

Until  rain melts it to its fate

Friction on stones, creates fire

Much more than hands rubbing,

Hitch-hiking, for the same warmth

Inducing the same amount of need, effort and greed

a buyer can decipher to you

On a scale

There is a school to every thought

Just like a stop to every bus, and route to every train

Passing by as if,

there was room enough for entire cities

but enslaved only the naive, only the capable, only the willing

to change

Could you speak to me the vows you make

when your eyes meet flesh, and flesh averts to bone,

Bone decays with ligaments

trying to control what they can’t: movement

And this is how paralysis of the mind grows

Leaving restless, the doubts of the unknown

And then you go to sleep, but how long have you really been awake?

It’s like diving into a pool of jelly, and bouncing back hysterical..


Let that sink in

Once you know why you felt what you felt

Let that sink in

Let it remind you not to ever remind you

Of grass that remains dry even with,

grasshoppers willing to give up their name

so they can hop on roses tomorrow,

Like that’ll ever be!

It makes me think of

Legacies of few
that remain as undue
Compared to those
Who lived on hearts that tore
At the very thought of
Yet dependent
On the blink of an eye
Of a figure of power
To give permission to breathe
To let them be

I wonder what this means
If liberty was at stake of just
Cries for eternities
Wishing for
Bread to bake in seconds
And for crumbles not to burn
For this
Disease of the heart to melt
Because ever since
People molded mud into art
And words into poetry
Riots began
Armies faded
Wars alike
Of the body with the soul
Of the senses with the thought
And the right with the left
Only gave way
To directionless nomads
Living in something as sweet or bitter
As the tear shed for longing
Or the one for reunion or departure

Die death!
Bury yourself
And don’t write your name on stoneheads
Be gone
For no one can afford to hang
Like broken branches of a tree
Don’t you see the weight still air carries?

It’s too heavy
And resistance for unthought burdens was petty
It’s as if
Bones were stiff
Denying this city
Was blasphemy
Yet I thought of it
As sacred
And tied my will against a neutral gray
To not fall and burn
In ice
Or drool amongst paper boats
Floating in a river
Made of blood and tar
To poison nervious wrecks
Still provoking devils
Though they needed none of their efforts

All your shelters
And your homes
Attract a thirsty, yet decaying sense of faith
Go be filled with
Whatever witness you can bring
And even your own breathing
The one you mastered meditating for a lifetime
Will suffocate
Will choke
You against your own will
Never did I know
That your fragrance would kill
What once revived for when things were real
Have you ever seen flowers grow on stones?
Have you ever felt the touch of rain in drought,
and for knives to brittle at the touch of your very skin?
Goosebumps like a cactus giving birth…